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First and Ten Hot Sauce

Pre - Order First & Ten Garlic Habanero Case

Pre - Order First & Ten Garlic Habanero Case

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Heat 7 out of 10.    

Introducing our mouthwatering Garlic Habanero Sauce—a tantalizing blend of fresh garlic and fiery habanero peppers, crafted to perfection for a vegan and gluten-free culinary experience. Elevate your meals with the perfect balance of heat and flavor, enhancing a wide range of dishes from Tacos and Wings to Eggs, Grilled Shrimp, Chicken, and beyond.

🌶️ Bold Flavor Fusion: Our sauce is a harmonious symphony of robust, fresh garlic and the intense kick of habanero peppers, creating a flavor profile that will leave your taste buds dancing.

🌿 Vegan and Gluten-Free:  Our Garlic Habanero Sauce is crafted with only plant-based ingredients, making it suitable for vegans, and is free from gluten for those with dietary sensitivities.

🔥 Versatile Culinary Companion: This sauce is not just a condiment; it's a culinary companion that transforms every bite into a flavor-packed adventure. Drizzle it on Tacos for an extra punch, slather it on Wings for a spicy kick, or use it to marinate Grilled Shrimp or Chicken for a burst of heat.

🍳 Breakfast Bliss: Take your breakfast to the next level by adding a dash of our Garlic Habanero Sauce to your morning eggs. The rich, savory notes complement the natural flavors, turning a simple meal into a gourmet delight.

🔥 Savor the Heat: Whether you're a spice enthusiast or someone looking to add a fiery twist to your meals, our Garlic Habanero Sauce delivers the perfect amount of heat. It's the ideal companion for those who crave bold, intense flavors.

🌮 Endless Pairing Possibilities: This sauce isn't just limited to a few dishes—its versatility knows no bounds. Try it on grilled vegetables, pizzas, sandwiches, or any dish that could use a flavor boost.

Unleash the power of fresh ingredients with our Garlic Habanero Sauce—a vegan and gluten-free delight that's sure to become your go-to condiment for enhancing the taste of your favorite meals. Embrace the heat, savor the flavor, and elevate every bite with First & Ten Garlic Habanero!

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