First & Ten Hot Sauce

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My name is Andy Duffy. My hot sauce is made with the finest ingredients to deliver a delicious and satisfying heat that will leave your taste buds craving more. First & Ten is the perfect hot sauce for those who love a great kick but don't want the heat to overpower the flavor.

Original Cayenne Garlic Hot Sauce - Heat level 7 out 10, a Louisiana style hot sauce with great garlic flavor. My wings with this same sauce when I owned Duffy's Irish Pub in Washington, DC were named to Food & Wine Magazine's Top 25 WIngs in the USA for 5 years in a row. Great on wings, tacos, eggs, oysters, burgers, Bloody Mary's, make an easy and delicious buffalo dip with First & Ten and sour cream or cream cheese! First & Ten has got you covered.

Mango Habanero - Heat Level 7 out of 10. First & Ten Mango Habanero has a great mango flavor but not as sweet as some mango hot sauces can be. It has a delayed heat... you taste the mango and the flavor of the habanero pepper first, the heat follows a few seconds later. Fantastic on wings, tacos, pork, broiled shrimp, eggs, mix the Mango Habanero with Goat Cheese to make an outstanding dip!

Locally Owned and Operated in Venice, FL

First & Ten on Wings!!